by Erica Curtis

IMG_4305 (1)Build social-emotional skills with art therapy activities for kids ages 6 to 9.

Making art is a great way for kids to sort through their emotions and learn how to solve problems in creative ways. This standout choice among art therapy books for kids is filled with activities for you and your child, whether you’re looking for a fun weekend activity with high social-emotional value or you need in-the-moment strategies for resolving conflict. Together, you’ll learn how to harness the power of art to soothe worries, get organized, ease transitions, and much more!

The Innovative Parent: Raising Connected, Happy, Successful Kids through Art

by Erica Curtis and Ping Ho


Even the best talk-based practices in parenting can be limiting. How can art help parents temper storms of emotion, defuse sibling conflicts, get teeth brushed, and raise happy, successful kids? In The Innovative Parent, Erica Curtis and Ping Ho integrate cutting-edge research, years of clinical expertise, and their own parenting experience into a revolutionary yet practical guide to creative parenting. Plentiful illustrations and anecdotes bring concepts to life and show art in action with kids and parents.

Together, Curtis and Ho let parents in on art therapy trade secrets to help children make sense of emotions; build connections with others; develop problem-solving skills; resolve day-to-day conflicts; process and retain information; confront fears and anxiety; and much more. These are complex tasks for something as seemingly simple as making art, yet therein lies the beauty of The Innovative Parent: its down-to-earth approach is simple, doable, and fun.

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“. . . when you’re knocking but they’re pretending that nobody’s home, art gives you a key to get in through the back door.”

– The Innovative Parent

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PRAISE for The Innovative Parent

“Raising children is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences in life—and with this wonderful guide you will find a fun and effective way to make your connections with your kids more fulfilling and effective in cultivating resilience and joy in their lives. Erica Curtis and Ping Ho offer a practical and innovative approach to going beyond words to communication with our offspring that offers them creative experiences to get in touch with their inner lives and themselves in artistic activities involving music, visual images, and dance that provide a deep enrichment in their lives and enhance our relationships with them as they grow with innovation, collaboration, and resilience front and center. Bravo, and thank you!” – Daniel J. Siegel, M.D. New York Times bestselling author

“I salute your effort to bring art therapy principles to new parents. I am a big fan of Art Therapy! Thank you for your important work with children and parents!” – Dr. Harvey Karp, M.D., Happiest Baby, Inc.

“I LOVE your book. You have made a wonderful book, and not just for parents but for any educator or sponsor of educational programs. Moreover, it’s deep engagement with the human heart and mind provides a path forward for both novices and experts, intrigued by the ability of the arts to engage, activate, inspire and teach.” – Jeremy Nobel, MD, MPH,  Harvard Medical School; Founder and President of the Foundation for Art & Healing

“The Innovative Parent manages to avoid the pitfalls of countless parenting books and tools. It offers sensitive, creative, and mindful parenting techniques that are specific yet flexible. While no child comes with an instruction manual, this book is the closest I’ve found to one in anchoring me—both as a parent and as a creative person—in what I know.” – Dr. Einat Metzl, Chair of the Department of Marital and Family Therapy, Loyola Marymount University

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