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innovative parent lightbulb 2The Innovative Parent: Using Art to Raise Connected, Happy, and Successful Kids

Erica Curtis with Ping Ho

The Innovative Parent is an accessible guide to USE ART’S POTENTIAL in order to raise connected, happy, successful kids while SURVIVING PARENTING STRUGGLES.

The book integrates over 15 years of practical experience as an art therapist with cutting-edge research from the fields of positive psychology, creativity, and child development—along with a hefty dose of successes and failures from parenting my own three children.  Along with ground-breaking approaches to common concerns, the book aims to inspire parents to tap into their own creative resources to THRIVE AS CAREGIVERS.


“. . . when you’re knocking but they’re pretending that nobody’s home, art gives you a key to get in through the back door.”

– The Innovative Parent


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