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Erica Curtis serves as key consultant for 2022 global initiative “Hands all In” to end loneliness “Colors and Connections” college-campus workshops, partnership between The Foundation for Art & Heaing and essie.


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Benefits of art therapy for children on Kids In The House

For more videos of Erica talking about art and kids click here: Kids In The House

little winter pleasures

Erica speaks with Happify and Harvard Medical Professor, Jeremy Nobel, about combatting loneliness. Watch HERE.



Erica regularly cohosts “The Brain Boost” with Risa Williams of the Motivation Mindset Podcast. We breakdown neuroscience nuggets to uncover creative ways to get unstuck. Episode 4: Mind Modes, Episode 8: Color; Episode 14: Music; Episode 21: Spring Cleaning.

i dont get it podcast

Erica speaks with reality TV stars Naz, Lauren, and Ashley from “I don’t Get It” podcast about EMDR therapy.


Erica speaks with Valeria Teles from about living with curiosity, creativity, and connection.

2021 VFTS (1)

Erica speaks with Reina Lombardi about Working with Resistance in Therapy.

Parenting Portal with Joanna Port (podcast) - Joanna Port | Listen ...

Erica speaks with preschool director, Joanna Port, about Art Therapy with Kids.

Erica speaks with Jean Harville about Creative Approaches to Calming Anxiety.

Erica speaks with artist, Julianna Poldo, about the transformational power of art.


Erica speaks with Grace Porter, of 7 Tools of Healing, about helping children cope with environmental change anxiety.

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Erica speaks with Phil Weaver, of Learning Success, about innovative parenting, art, trauma, stress, special needs, and more!

life after divorce logo

Erica speaks with comedian Leanne Linsky of Life LAfter Divorce about alternatives to talk therapy for healing, health, and moving on.


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Conversations with the Inspiring Erica Curtis

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