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lifespan logo  LifeSpan Learning Institute

UCLArts and Healing (Dec 2014)

Foundation for Art & Healing (Aug 2014)

FizzNiche: Embrace the Moment: Quick Holiday De-Stress Tips (Dec 2014)


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Benefits of art therapy for children on Kids In The House

and for even more videos of Erica talking about art and kids click here: Kids In The House


5 smart tips for hiring the right therapist – The Week (July 2016)

Healthy Aging: Stop Acting Your Age, UCLA Health – Healthy Years (April 2016)

Memory Builder: How putting together your own story helps, UCLA Health – Healthy Years (February 2016)

Test: Ist er der richtige Mann furs Leben? (December 2015), ELLE Germany

Color Between the Lines, UCLA Health – Healthy Years (October 2015); republished in West Marion Messenger (Dec 2015) and on the red hat society blog (March 2016)

When Kids Fail, LifeZette (September 2015)

Best Tips for Dating Someone with Kids, Zoosk (March 2015), 9ja Exclusive (June 2015)

6 Ways to Tell You’re with the Person You Should Marry, According to Science, Mic (February 2015)

When to Say Yes to Your Kids, P & G Everyday (January 2015)

This is the Explanation for Polyandry that Everyone Needs to Hear, Mic (January 2015)

Mom: My Son Looks a Lot Like a Girl, Yahoo! Parenting (November 2014)

Briefs: Happiness Library Workshop, Santa Monica Daily Press (October 2014)

Parenting Tips for Preschoolers, SheKnows Parenting (May 2014) and Gradegood (June 2014)

8 Ways to Stop Your Bad Mood from Busting your Grocery Budget, eHow Money (May 2014)

Five Communication Mistakes Almost Every Couple Makes, LifeHacker  (March 2014)

How to Talk to Your Kids about Drugs, LifeHacker (February 2014), reprinted on spiritmolecule (April 2015)

How to Talk to Your Kids about Death, LifeHacker (February 2014)

Yes or No? When to Indulge Your Kids and When to Say Tighten the Reigns, eNanny Source  (February 2014)

Open Relationships, Knoworthy (November 2013)

Kids In The House Expert Interview (Fall 2013)

Are You Afraid to Spend Money?, US News & World Report (September 2013); republished on Yahoo! Finance

Family Birthday Traditions, PBS (September 2013)

16 Things You Should Never Say Right After Sex, Cosmo (August 2013); republished on Bengali News (September 2013)

The Silver Lining In Tough Times: Life’s Disappointments Offer Great Lessons to Kids. Coulee Parenting Connection, (Summer 2013)

Stress Relief Tips for 2013 Unemployed College Grads, EmpowHER (June 2013)

Listen: UCLA students explore art therapy to benefit emotional health, Daily Bruin radio podcast (April 2013)

Bounce Back from Setbacks: Helping Kids Handle Disappointment, Calgary’s Child (April 2013)

Journal Writing Courses Help Uncover Memories, Fifty Plus Advocate (March 2013)

When to Indulge, (February 2013)

Achy Breaky Hearts: Helping Kids Handle Disappointment, InArkansas (February 2013)

Answering the Santa Question, Lifetime Moms (December 2012)

Finished with Your Homework?, Boston Globe (October 2012)

Improve Your Communication Issues Without Saying a Word, Ladies Flight (July 2012)

Life Saving Stitching, Stitches (June 2012)

The Roller Coaster Ride of Running Goals, Ugly Finish (April 2012)

B.I.T.E. Your Bills: Tax Edition: A Four Point Plan to Cut Medical Expenses for Disabled Children, Adults and Seniors, Published Book by Yolanda Baker (published January 2012)

Banish Boredom: 10 Guilt Free Ways to Find a Little Me Time, USA Today (Fall/Winter 2011 Edition)

What to Do if you ‘Lose It’ in Front of the Kids, Shine from Yahoo! (September 2011)

3 Ways to Instant Calm, Spry Living (September 2011)

Doodle Your Way to a Better Life, Woman’s World Magazine (August 2011)

Reaching Clients through Pay-per-click Advertising, Annals of Psychotherapy and Integrative Health (summer 2011)

Post-Divorce You-Time, Always New You (August 2011)

Does your Child Know your Phone Number: Addressing the Issue of Kid Milestones, GalTime (June 2011)

Your Turn: Games to Foster Better Sibling Relationships, eHow Family (April 2011)

How to Raise Compassionate Kids, She Knows Parenting (April 2011)

Doctors Fight Bullying, Cookie Family Magazine (July 2009)


Making Meaning by Erica Curtis, published on UCLArts and Healing (Dec 2014)

Embrace the moment: Quick holiday de-stress tips by Erica Curtis, published on Indian River (Dec 2014)

Beyond Words: Why we should talk less and make more by Erica Curtis, published on Lifespan Learning blog (Oct 2014)

7 Books Sure to Inspire Creative Expression by Erica Curtis, published on Foundation for Art and Healing blog (August 2014)

Shape Up Your Practice with Metaphors by Erica Curtis, published on Lifespan Leaning blog (March 2014)

Giving: Is it always good? by Erica Curtis, published on Lifespan Leaning blog (Jan 2014)

Gifts from the Heart: ART Activity by Erica Curtis, published on UCLArts and Healing (December 2013)

Re-Visualizing Relationships by Erica Curtis, published on Lifespan Leaning blog (September 2013)

ADHD Treatments and Remedies by Jeremy Warner (Erica Curtis contributing writer/expert) (April 2013)

Picture This: Healing Trauma through Art by Erica Curtis published on UCLArts and Healing (January 2013) and Live Well UCLA (July 2013)

A Creative Spark of Gratitude by Erica Curtis published on All Things Healing (November 2011)

Get Organized from the Outside In by Erica Curtis published on Special Education Advisor (October 12, 2011)

The Anatomy of Self Care by Erica Curtis published on Special Education Advisor (June 8, 2011)

Is the Behavior in My Child’s Control?: A Question of Consequence by Erica Curtis published on Special Education Advisor (May 2, 2011)

Understanding Client Imagery in Art Therapy by Erica Curtis published in Journal of Clinical Art Therapy (May 2011)

Preschool for Children with Special Needs by Erica Curtis published on Special Education Advisor (March 13, 2011)