“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your thoughtful planning and excellent delivery during the training this past weekend.  Your generosity of spirit, your clarity and energy as an instructor is amazing to behold and I am so deeply grateful to be working with you.  You are a true educator.”
– UCLArts and Healing Director
“I was one of the attendees of the [sold out] workshop and I have to say that I absolutely loved it!  It was fun, relaxing, informative, and I left feeling more energized and ready to take on the rest of the day.”
– UCSD Workshop attendee
“A natural presenter who kept me engaged for the whole session. So wonderful. Great practical suggestions. Didn’t feel like 3 hours.”
-Expressive Arts Summit Attendee
“I want to thank you again for the workshop. I really enjoyed it. You covered the concept and process so well. . . it has transformed my view. Again, thank you so much. I am so glad I came.”
– Museum of Broken Relationships workshop attendee




designed to meet the unique needs of your audience.

Length of time and fees are flexible to work with your budget.


Repeating EVENTS

Social Emotional Arts (SEA) certificate program co-developer and instructor (ongoing)

Social Emotional Arts on a Shoestring (SEAS) program co-developer and instructor (ongoing)


MidAtlantic Play Therapy Conference (June 2021) – Befriending Difficult Emotions

Propel Advance Learning (May 2021) – Building Connection and Communication through Art

Inclusion Matters (Feb 2021) – Lunch and Learn

Innovative Child Therapy Symposium (with Erica Curtis, Pat Ogden, Temple Grandin, Violet Oaklander, Tina Bryson and more) – Parenting with Art (Feb 2021)

GHJ& Advisors (Jan 2021) – Stress Reduction and Team Building

Autism Society of Los Angeles (Dec 2020) – Creative Approaches to Stress and Anxiety Reduction

Happify (Dec 2020) – Combatting Loneliness During the Holidays

The Guidance Center, Long Beach (Nov 2020) – Arts Interventions to Reduce Family Stress

TurnAround Arts (Oct 2020, June 2021) – Social Emotional Arts Interventions for Teachers and Counselors

Expressive Therapies Summit, Los Angeles (April 2018, 2019, 2021)

Managing Big Feelings and Behaviors; Social Emotional Arts on a Shoestring; Creative Anger Management for All Ages; Working with Resistant Clients of All Ages

Crestwood Hills Cooperative Preschool inservice (2020)

End Abuse, Long Beach (2020)

“Coping with Stress & Anxiety during COVID-19” – City of Irvine HR and Innovation department (2020)

Kids In The House Parenting Resource

On the Edge of Chaos: Finding Flow and Resilience through Creative Arts

UCLA Integrative Medicine Conference (2013, 2014)

KeyNote Address: Creative Expression At Home (Helping Parents Unlock Art’s Potential to Heal)

6th Annual Parent Conference – Resilient Families Through Better Communication – Keynote address

Playful and Positive Parenting: Creative Engagement and Connection through the Arts, El Monte (2017)

Addressing Stress and Trauma through Art, Boys and Girls Club, Carson (2017)

Creative Therapies Summit, Los Angeles (2017, 2018)

Pure Vegan Retreat, San Diego (2017)

Keynote – Raising Connected, Happy, Successful Kids through Art (2019)

Confronting Fears, Igniting Hope: Academic Answers Parent Networking Event (2017)

Positive Psychology, Meditation, and Psychotherapy, SOKA (2019)

Suicide Assessment and Prevention, SOKA (2018)

Autism: Myths and Facts, SOKA University (2017, 2020)

Art, Creativity, and Mindfulness, SOKA University (2017)

Using Art to Raise Connected, Happy, Successful Kids, Mothers of Preschoolers (2016)

The Art of Transformation, The Museum of Broken Relationships, Los Angeles (2016)

Take Control of Your Diabetes CONFERENCE HEALTH FAIR, San Diego (2016)

The Adult Coloring Phenomenon: More than a guilty pleasure, UCSD (2016)

One-Day Meditation Immersion Retreat, Infinite You Meditation Studio (2016)

Mindful Art: A Mother’s Day Workshop, Infinite You Meditation Studio (2016)

 Mindful March Mom’s Night Out at Grace and Zen, San Juan Capistrano (2016)

Drawn to Happiness, Santa Monica Public Library (2014)

Art Therapy: A Passion, A Path, A Profession, UCLA (2013)

On the Edge of Chaos: Finding Flow and Resilience through Creative Arts (with father of positive psychology and “flow” Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi), UCLA (2013)

A Picture of Good Health, UCLA Arts lecture and workshop (2013)

Power Up Your Super Career, UCLA (2014)

Maximizing the Social-Emotional Benefits of Arts Education (2014)

UCLA Integrative Medicine Conference (2013, 2014)

“Next to Normal pre-show talk”, Visions and Voices – University of Southern California (2010)

Art Therapy Literature, History, and Assessment, Loyola Marymount Universtiy

“Community Mural Making and Art Therapy” guest lecture,  OTIS College of art and design (2012)

“Eclectic Art Therapy” guest lecture,  OTIS College of art and design (2010)

“Music & Art Therapies”,  Kaiser Symposium on Behavioral Health Issues and Therapies (2010)

“Advanced Supervision”, annual conference of The American Art Therapy Association (2011)

“Simple Steps to Improving Your Relationship”, Mom’s Club International (2012)

“Planning on Preschool without the Stress”, Mom’s Club International (2011)

“The Mindful Way to Fitness and Wellbeing”, Westside Workout Pilates Studio (2011)