The services I provide are carefully thought out and specialized to the unique needs, preferences, and desires of the individual, family, professional, or institution.  To be optimally effective, therapy, supervision, and consultation must be based not only on the available research but also on specific characteristics and situations which very well may change over the course of the work.

To make conscientious and relevant steps, I integrate observations, client-reports, clinical judgment, and pull from strong theoretical bases in: second order cybernetics (i.e. how systems like families or organizations function), cognitive-behavioral therapy (i.e. how cognitions, behaviors, and emotions interact), psycho-dynamic work (i.e. how inner conflicts surface in behaviors and emotions), and art therapy (i.e. how the creative process stimulates awareness and change).  Ultimately, these steps are taken within the framework of a trusting relationship, which holds the utmost importance in all the services I provide.